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"...Setting your drink on the ground can mean spilled drinks and obstacles.  If you’ve had a drink spill down your cornhole boards, you also know they don’t make great drink holders either... These drink holders are perfect, no matter what game you’re playing.  These heavy duty drink holders can stand up to errant bag tosses, and can be bumped a bit without falling over.  The flat base is perfect if you’re playing on a solid surface, but the coolest feature is a removable spike that screws on to the bottom.  If you’re on grass you have the base AND the spike to keep your drinks safe from spillage... Almost everybody could use a set of drink holders to compliment their outdoor game arsenal... would make a great birthday or xmas present.  Check ‘em out!"

...From Cornholereview.com

"If you are needing a cup holder for that next game of Cornhole, then here is one that is practicle, durable and affordable! ... Don't set your beverage on the ground where it could easily spill. It will hold your drink safely out of the way while playing any tossing game or just sitting around the campfire. The large holder will accept cups, cans 12-40 oz., and also bottles with or without cooler around them. The spike is removable for use on the parking lot too! This is a heavy duty stand that can take the bag hits. So get 1 or more buddys today just in time for that next game! I highly recommend this product."

...From Tossinggames.com

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The DrinkStake Outdoor Cup Holders

Welcome to DrinkStake.com!

You have found the place to purchase these lightweight, yet very sturdy, Outdoor drink / cup holders. These are made from heavy duty materials yet are amazingly lightweight! They will easily withstand an overthrown bean bag!

NO MORE SPILLED BEER! I have seen bean bag sets with some sort of cup holder built onto the back here and there. But, it never seems ideal. You have to bend way over to put your drink down or pick it up. Or, it is underneath and you have to tilt your bottle to wedge it under there. NO THANKS! The standard DrinkStake is a convenient 30 inches tall!

There is also the "Takedown" Model. This one has two 20 inch shafts to make it either 20 inches tall if you are sitting or 40 inches tall if you are standing playing bean bags.

These can be used for countless outdoor activities including:

  • Bean Bags (cornhole)
  • Horseshoes
  • The Beach
  • Picnics
  • Sitting around the Campfire
  • Lounging in the Backyard
  • Baseball Games
  • Soccer Games
  • Tailgating
  • Nascar Races
  • and many more!
  • Also makes a Great Gift!

These ship unassembled. Assembly is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Screw the spike onto the base plate.
  2. Push the shaft into the top of the base plate.
  3. Push the cup holder piece onto the top of the shaft. That's it!

The spike can be removed from the base plate for use on pavement or blacktop. We have an optional donut shaped sandbag (below) that can be purchased for extra stability on hard ground.

Everyone has a friend that that would LOVE a set of these as a gift!

These are sold in sets of TWO DrinkStakes. That is perfect for playing bean bags! That gives all 4 players a spot to place their drinks!


Drinkstake between two chairs
Drinkstake behind bean bag board
Drinkstake Baen Bag close-up
Drinkstake with Wine Glass
Drinkstake detail
Standard DrinkStake

Standard 30" DrinkStake Set

You get a set of TWO DrinkStakes. These are the standard 30 inches tall. You get 2 Dual Cup Holders, 2 Bases, Two removeable ground spikes and two 30" shafts.


TakeDown DrinkStake

TakeDown DrinkStake Set

This DrinkStake comes with TWO 20 inch shafts. This way, you can make them 20 inches tall if you are sitting in chairs. Or, you can make them 40 inches tall if you are standing playing bean bags, etc. You get 2 Dual Cup Holders, 2 Bases, Two removeable ground spikes and Four 20" shafts.


Currently in Production. Should be available by soon!

sandbag Accessory

Sandbag Accessory

This is a Donut shaped Sandbag for extra stability when using the DrinkStake on concrete or blacktop. Ships empty to save on shipping. You fill with Sand or Pea Gravel. Works GREAT! Includes ONE sandbag.


sandbag Accessory

Sandbag Accessory - Flames

Same as above with Flames pattern.
Includes ONE sandbag.


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